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For those of you who don't know what Program to use for Unzipping files use the program i listed below 32-bit 64-bit

also if you don't know which link to click 64-bit is usually compatible with most PCs so just use that one.

xD i like how some people don't know how to unzip files xd.

Me too lol thats so crazy

found one, its RAR opener you can find it on the Microsoft Store, its free

i can't find an rar to zip program that does 205mb, can you list one in the description please?

Its an rar file. but how do you open those because it just makes a copy of the game every time i try to open it

you don't open it, you unzip it with an rar unzipper or rar to .zip converter

Basically its a free version of the forest and i love it becasue i loved watching game play of that game and now i can do plz make more games 

Please make it multiplayer. Having problems

can you have a download link for mac please i really wanna play this game!!


It'd be nice if traps were reusable. I see no reason why they shouldn't be. Also, throwing stones are essentially pointless. You have to be right up next to the animal for it to even hit, and even then, it stuns them no more than hitting them with the stick, which is equal to the stones in damage anyway.

Hey there was a survival horror game from a few years back (I forgot what it was called) that was in top down. It had a cone of vision mechanic that would let you see under trees and stuff the cone was shined on. Then at night without any light you could only see with the cone. You should add that mechanic to the game. It would make it quicker and easier to pick up items under trees, and make torches more valuable at night. You could also make it so the cone can be increased in your upgrade tree, and have it shorten at low health and low heat. As for multiplayer you could do 1 of 3 things with it. You could make it so you can't see other player's cones at all, or make it so you can see their cones but not see under trees with them, or you could also make it so you can see their cones and see under trees with them. I think this is a really good top down game mechanic that you should include in the game.

Josgo muito bom, com estilocraficos é jogabilidade otimas!

I absolutely love this game so far, and cannot wait for the full thing. I keep dying, but yeah, still love it. Did a little playthrough, and here is the first video.

Жду с не терпением выхода игры!

This looks so amazing. Can't wait when it comes out.


any possibility you can get this to mac pls, looks so cool but i only have mac

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gameplay en español

This seems like a cool game, I have preordered it

will it be free when the final product is finished

No, it will cost money


Except for the wolf's pathfinding and me not knowing what to do about the wolf, had it not gotten stuck, this is extremely impressive :)


Thanks for a video and comment!